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Hello thank you for landing on "About" page. Here i will share some of my personal details and my experience beside EVERYBODYIT.


My name is Prajwal Karki currently pursuing my bachelors degree in IT honors. I am a part time blogger from nepal. I am a tech enthusiast,gadgets lover,a great listener and a person always keen to learn new stuffs. I’ve been working real hard to achieve something in this blogging word and share and socialize what i know with the people all over the world. I started my blogging career about 2 years earlier but was getting no where from my blogs.I have had about 3 blogs in the past, but none of them where a great hit. So I planned to give my blogging career a pause and learn about SEO,search engine algorithms,driving traffic to a blog etc. After doing all the research and understanding blogging and the blogging world much better,I launched pricetagnepal -a blog that provides price,reviews,specs about latest gadgets,mobile phones in the market,and it gained popularity in no time. 


The Main Purpose Behind Of This Blog Is To Provide My Readers With The Following Content:
  • Latest Tech News
  • Best Tips And Tricks On Windows 8
  • Help Articles
  • Tutorials
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Blogger Templates
  • Wordpress Help
  • Facebook Tips And Much More.....

    Prajwal Karki writes about technology,gadgets,help articles on various fields etc. But prefers to write and speak about latest technology and blogging over other topics.Though blogging is not that famous in nepal,some part of me wants to bring change  in the present context.I want to inspire other people like I was inspired 2 year back and let them know  the power blogging.Blogging for me is not only teaching or sharing the stuffs I know with others,but it’s more of gaining more knowledge about something and wanting to know it till the limit.So,i want to let others know that with blogging you can create a better world  for everyone.

    You can find me on Facebook,Twitter,Youtube, or directly connect with me by sending an Email at :